Great Reserve Red Quinta Vale d' Aldeia 2014

Ref: 011800V714

                               Smell ( This is Personal )

Smelling of wine is a whole different of wine appreciation. As we are all different, what we smell and perceive will also be different. So we swirl then we smell. What we sell is basically the bouquet released from the swirling action, make a few sniffing actions. Different types of wine gives a different nose to the wine. The smell of the wine often describes its character. If you drink enough wine, you can often tell the difference between Douro, Tejo, Alentejo just to name a few. It is funny what the nose sniffs out. Sometimes you have people describing the smell of the wine as leathery, or tar - ish, or citrusy or even tobacco - ish. Remember there is no right or wrong! It' s all a matter of preference. The smelling and swirling action to me is like foreplay. It is a must. You can skip the colour but you can't skip the smelling and swirling.

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Porto - Portugal

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